Top 50 Coolest Superpowers Ever (2017)

If you take a look on the list of all superpowers you will find that many of them are useless. Few people in the world claim to have real superpowers but if superpowers were real then we bet people would wish for these 50 superpowers the most.

One thing that Superhero taught us is that you have to extra careful with Superpowers. You should remember the golden rule of ‘With Great Power, Comes Greater Responsibility’. Probably that is why god didn’t create a world where every human being had one power or other (How cool would that be?). Still we human have power of imagine and we often think, in fact wish for those amazing Superpowers.

But which super power is the strongest of them all? Here we tried to compile a list of 50 best Superpowers for all the super hero fans. These are 50 best Superpowers that are most powerful:

Superpowers You Wish Had

50. Sharpshooting – Markmanship in All Weapons (Deadshot)
49. Multilingualism – Decode any written or verbal language (Cypher)
48. WaterBreathing – Beat Michael Phelps Records (Aquaman)
47. Talking to Animals – And Convince them to do your work (Tarzan)
46. Echolocation – Locate the origin of any sound (DareDevil)
45. Night Vision – See at night clearly(Doctor Mid-Nite)
44. Elasticity – Elongate your body as long as you want (Mr. Fantastic)
43. Chi – Control Your Meta Physical energies (Iron Fist)
42. Plant Control – Control and Animate the Plant Kingdom (Poison Ivy)
41. Size Shifting – Be an Micro Atomic Being or a Giant Being (Ant-Man)

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