24 Recently Extinct Animals Species that Shows Our Carelessness (2017)

8. Thylacine
Recently Extinct Animals
Thylacine or more popularly known as Tasmanian Wolf was one of the largest carnivorous animal of main land Australia. The species became extinct in 1933 due to hunting, deforestation and global warming.

7. Passenger Pigeon
Recently Extinct Animals
Passenger Pigeons were migratory birds who became victim of commercialized meat markets. Their meat was among the cheap options for food and this led to their rapid decline of Passenger pigeons and they soon became extinct by 1914.

6. Pyrenean Ibex
Recently Extinct Animals
This sub species of Spanish Ibex or Spanish goat got extinct in January 2000. Pyrenean Ibex came out of extinction for few hours in 2003. A Cloned Ibex was born but it died within hours and thus again pushed this back to extinction.

5. Golden Toad
Recently Extinct Animals
International Union of Conservation for Nature declared Golden toad as an extinct species in 1989. Further irony is that Golden toad became the poster boy of Extinct Amphibian Species. Global warming is one of the main reasons of extinct of Golden Toad.

4. Baiji Dolphin
Recently Extinct Animals
Baiji Dolphin is functionally extinct dolphin species who was last sighted in 2002. The more saddening part is the fact that Baiji dolphin was called as the Goddess in china and still it was pushed to the extinct world. The main reason of extinction is trophy hunting and boat traffic.

3. Caribbean Monk Seal
Recently Extinct Animals
Caribbean Monk Seal inhabited our planet for thousands of years. In fact they were made famous by Christopher Columbus in 1493. The Caribbean Monk seal became centre attraction of many popular moving circuses and this resulted in the decline of their numbers. By 1800s Caribbean Monk seal were left in three digit numbers. But we human beings probably didn’t like their existence and we killed the last existing Caribbean Monk Seal in 1922 in Florida.

2. Javan Tiger
Recently Extinct Animals
Javan tiger were the inhabitants of Java Island in Indonesia for centuries. However by the turn of 20th century they hit the endangered species mark. By World War 2, Javan tigers became so rare that the zoos that kept them as prize attraction also shut down. By 1970 the Javan tiger became totally extinct. Thanks to the continuous deforestation in Java island that led to the extinction of these rare tiger species.

1. Tecopa Pupfish
Recently Extinct Animals
The tecopa Pupfish was brought to Public eye in 1848 and you know when it became extinct? In 1970. We human beings are so great that we wiped out the entire Tecopa Pupfish generation in a short span of 122 years. The popularity of h0t spring pools in 1960s led to the outflow of water which forced the tecopa pupfish to move to colder water in downstream. This led to their extinction.

So who do you think should be blamed for the extinction of these beautiful species? Nature? Poachers? Government? Hunters? What step do you think should be taken in order to preserve the endangered animals?


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