Top 17 Most Unhealthy Foods In the World (2017)

You won’t believe that the most unhealthy foods in the world are easily available at restaurants. These unhealthiest foods should be avoided not just by kids and pregnant woman but by all the people in the world.

The commercialization of food market has affected our life in lot of ways. Most of these effects are negative. First of all most companies advertise their unhealthy products in such way that no one (especially kids) can resist them. Secondly, the culture of date, candle light dinners was seen as a good opportunity by food market and thousands of restaurants around the globe increased the fast food market.

Most processed, packaged and fast foods uses life threatening chemicals on a large scale. The sad part is that innocent people eat them without knowing the ill effects those foods will have on their body. Here we have picked our 17 most unhealthy foods on the planet and why you should avoid them:

Most Unhealthy Foods

17. Coffee
Most Unhealthy Foods
Coffee is very controversial food. It is considered healthy and unhealthy for the same reason – Caffeine. Many gym trainers and even popular health websites praise coffee for its weight loss benefits. But it should be consumed in right quantity. High Caffeine quantity in body could lead to sleeplessness and risk to heart.
16. Chocolate
Most Unhealthy Foods
Occasional consumption of dark chocolate causes no harm. In fact it has few notable health benefits. But this high calorie food should not be included in your daily diet as it could result in high sugar levels in blood stream.
15. Milkshakes
Most Unhealthy Foods
Popular Milkshake brands have a common ingredient in them named as Potassium Sorbate. This little fellow can fight and damage your body cells. Also the sugar quantity in Milkshakes is too high.
14. Chips
Most Unhealthy Foods
Chips are credited for increasing the market of packaged food. They became so common among masses that it is now impossible to eradicate them completely. Raise Awareness about this unhealthy food as it increase blood pressure, cholesterol and is very low in nutrition.
13. Ketchup
Most Unhealthy Foods
Most ketchup brands use artificial chemicals to increase the taste of Ketchup. The fast food evil MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) is found in high quantity in most commercial ketchups.
12. Popcorn
Most Unhealthy Foods
The most favourite food while watching movie are popcorns. They movie may be bad or even the worst film you ever saw but popcorns cope up with your fan and you consume them mindlessly. Popcorns contain PFO acid, trans fat and Diacetyl. PFO Acid is infamous for its ill effects on liver while diacetyl is known for damaging brain cells.
11. Packaged Cookies
Most Unhealthy Foods
All packaged foods have adverse effects on health but cookies probably win the contest. It has all the unhealthy raw material you can think of – Refined sugar, trans fat and refined wheat flour. They sure taste good but resist them as much as possible.
10. Donuts
Most Unhealthy Foods
There was an online report that stated that the process of making donut is so ugly that you will stop eating donuts as soon as you hear about. It claimed that donuts are not served fresh and the oil is changed only once or in rare case twice a month. Donuts can lead to dental problems, fat gain and to low energy levels.
9. Ice Creams
Most Unhealthy Foods
Ice Creams are heavenly food and it is next to impossible to resist them. But they are better off to refrigerator then in your tummy. Ice Cream is high fat and high sugar food. Too much consumption of Ice cream will not only result in increase of body fat but will also possess risk of Diabetes.

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