Top 40 Most Poisonous Animals On Earth (2017)

10. King Cobra
Most Poisonous Animals
Cobra is infamous in Sub Indian continent. It is responsible for most of the deaths caused by animals in sub India. Not only people are scared of it but in some parts it is even considered as Demigod and people worship it. King Cobra is among the most venomous snakes on the planet.
9. Brazilian Wandering Spider
Most Poisonous Animals
In the past Brazilian wandering spider have attacked and bit many people. The strange thing about its venom is that it gives a 4 to 5 hours PAINFUL ere(ti0n to males before killing them off. The spider holds the record for being the most venomous spider in the world. Luckily there is an antivenin available.
8. Puffer Fish
Most Poisonous Animals
Even though Puffer fish are among the most poisonous fish in the world yet they are eaten in many Asian countries namely China, Japan and Indonesia. Almost all organs of Puffer fish are venomous.
7. Poison Dart Frog
Most Poisonous Animals
Poison Dart Frog is available in so many beautiful colours that you will actually doubt about god’s intentions in creating them. They are beautiful but with beauty come the danger. The skin of poison dart frog is venomous.
6. Stonefish
Most Poisonous Animals
Stonefish are named so because the look likes stone and they lie on the sea floor with little to no activity. They do not go on hunt but instead wait for their prey to pass by. They have a very powerful sting and it is deadly to human beings too. Stonefish are among the most venomous animals in the world.
5. Death Stalker Scorpion
Most Poisonous Animals
This scorpion species actually earned their name because of the high death rates caused by them. Death Stalker Scorpion is the deadliest and most poisonous scorpion in the world.
4. Marbled Cone Snail
Most Poisonous Animals
These cone snails have a very beautiful shell which is so beautiful that you cannot resist touching it. But control your urge and do not touch it as you might provoke the snail and it might bite you.
3. Blue-Ringed Octopus
Most Poisonous Animals
Don’t get fooled by the size of blue-ringed octopus. They are actually tiny balls of death. They have a huge amount of venom in their hands and it is deadly to human.
2. Inland Taipan
Most Poisonous Animals
Inland Taipan is the most poisonous snake in the world. Found in the wilderness of Australia, this snake poses a lot more danger than leopards and tigers. They are very aggressive animals and can attack without any prior indication.
1. Box Jellyfish
Most Poisonous Animals
Box Jellyfish is arguably the most poisonous animals in the world. Not only they are venomous but pose a real danger to as they are almost transparent and their poison does not have anti venin available. Due to the number of deaths caused by the killer jellyfishes they are considered a bigger threat than sharks. They are found near Australia Sea.

So which of these animal species have you encountered? Share your experience.


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