Top 40 Most Poisonous Animals On Earth (2017)

20. Platypus
Most Poisonous Animals
Platypus is wonder of nature. Centuries have passed but people still are not over of making fun of Platypus. They are not only unique in looks but they have strange behaviour too. They are only mammals that lay eggs. Also they are very poisonous.
19. Portuguese man o’ war
Most Poisonous Animals
It sure look like a jellyfish but Portugese Man O’ war is not a jelly fish. It is a siphonophore. It has venom in its tentacles which is deadly to humans.
18. Metasepia Pfefferi
Most Poisonous Animals
Though this species of cuttlefish do not have venomous bite and never attacked human yet it has been responsible for few deaths. That was due to its consumption. This Cuttlefish has highly toxic flesh.
17. Atracina
Most Poisonous Animals
It is more popularly known as Australian Funnel-Wed spider. These spiders have a very scary look and can terrify little girls. But this is not the scariest part of these spiders. They are venomous species and have potential to kill a human.
16. Taricha
Most Poisonous Animals\
Taricha newts have a poisonous body. People or animal that eats them either die or suffer an unbearable pain.
15. Southern Short-Tailed Shrew
Most Poisonous Animals
These cute little creatures have poisonous saliva. Although it is not deadly to human but if given in large quantity it can actually kill a man. A Normal bite of Shrew will give severe pain to the victim. They are found in east America.
14. Komodo Dragon
Most Poisonous Animals
You might be amazed to know that Komodo dragon is species of Lizard and they have unbelievably large size island gigantism mechanism. They live on the islands of Indonesia. They can grow up to 3 meter, run at the speed of 20 km per hour and weight around 70 KG. They have considerably deadly poison in them and they are dangerous due to the fact that they can eat anything.
13. Black Widow Spider
Most Poisonous Animals
The Black Widow spider got its name because it kills the male spider after mating and eats them. Although both gender of black widow spider are venomous but only female black widow spider is fatal to human.
12. TseTse Fly
Most Poisonous Animals
What a Fly could possibly do? They are so small and vulnerable. However the Tsetse fly of Sub-Saharan desert of Africa has killed thousands of animals and cattle in the past decades. In fact Tsetse fly is considered as the major reason of poverty in the country. This is because it kills so many farm animals that it becomes impossible to farm food at low prices. Tsetse fly is widely regarded as the most poisonous insect in the world.
11. Carpet Viper
Most Poisonous Animals
WWE Superstar Randy Orton got his name viper due to his ability to hit RKO outta nowhere. If you have seen him hitting RKO on his opponents outta nowhere than you can imagine the speed and accuracy of the Carpet viper from which his nick name was derived. Carpet Viper aka Saw Scaled viper is notorious for killing thousands of people globally in past few decades.


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