Top 40 Most Poisonous Animals On Earth (2017)

Snakes are among the most poisonous animals in the world. But this doesn’t mean that there are not other poisonous animals on earth. Here are 50 most venomous animals on the planet.

Nature has its own way of balancing things. It made dangerous and powerful murder machines as Lions and tigers (and Dinosaurs in past) but it doesn’t mean that nature didn’t provided a shield to their prey. All animals have a distinct and unique quality. However the most dangerous quality that attracts us is the venom. Nature gave venomous skin and internal glands to many birds, fishes and insects so that they can save themselves from predators. But venom in some species was so high that they actually used it for preying other animals. Here we have listed 40 most poisonous animals in the world. Some of them are deadly to humans while other has enough venom in them to save themselves from predators. So here are the 40 most poisonous animals:

Most Poisonous Animals in the world

40. Milkweed butterfly
Most Poisonous Animals
Milkweed butterfly have a very small amount of venom but it scares off predators.
39. Battus (butterfly)
Most Poisonous Animals
Battus Butterfly are poisonous to birds.
38. Blister beetle
Most Poisonous Animals
Even though they are toxic yet they are consumed by many bird species. This makes the bird species poisonous as well. Blister beetles are also used in medicines.
37. Birdwings
Most Poisonous Animals
These colourful butterflies have venomous skin which is not lethal to human beings but is a threat to small size predators.
36. Yellow-banded poison dart frog
Most Poisonous Animals
It is sub species of Poison dart frog and it is venomous.
35. Mantella
Most Poisonous Animals
Mantella frogs have very colourful skin but do not touch it as it contain poison.
34. Fowler’s toad
Most Poisonous Animals
They are very common in North America and have a less lethal poisonous skin.
33. European green toad
Most Poisonous Animals
Although they are poisonous yet they are very popular pet in European countries.
32. Corroboree frog
Most Poisonous Animals
Corrobree frogs are the only known species that produce their own poison. It is deadly to mammals.
31. Common toad
Most Poisonous Animals
Some species of Common toad have toxic salvia.


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