Top 25 Most Dangerous Animals in The World (2017)

8. Tiger
Most Dangerous Animals
Tiger is probably the most popular predator on our planet. It is because Tiger strictly means business. They do not fool around their prey and are merciless. Even lion tamers have claimed that they can win trust of a Lion but never of a tiger. Tigers have attacked human beings in past and are apex predators.
7. Puffer Fish
Most Dangerous Animals
Even though they are the most poisonous vertebrate in the world yet they are consumed as food in countries like Japan, Korea and China. Only trained chef (with licences) are allowed to cook puffer fish because they know which part to cook and in which quantity. Most puffer fish victims are those who eat it. Most organs of Puffer fish are poisonous including skin, liver and heart. A Victim of Puffer fish venom dies due to paralysis.
6. Black Mamba
Most Dangerous Animals
Black Mamba is one of the most poisonous snakes on the planet. It is known for its highly aggressive nature and it may attack without any provocation. In Africa it is one of the most feared animals.
5. Great White Shark
Most Dangerous Animals
Long before Steven Spielberg showed the world how deadly great white sharks could be, these beasts were already getting infamous for claiming hundreds of lives. They actually bite and chew anything that comes there way. From tires to Humans, they show no difference. It is probably the oldest surviving species on planet and it is supposed to survive even after human race is gone.
4. Carpet Viper
Most Dangerous Animals
The Victim of Carpet Viper’s bite does not die on the spot but actually dies in days and sometimes weeks. There is no antidote of Carpet viper’s bite and it amounts to more than 50% of snake related human deaths in the world.
3. Box Jellyfish
Most Dangerous Animals
Catching Jellyfish is the most favourite hobby of Sponge bob and Patrick Star but do not be like them. In fact pray to god that you never ever come closer to a Box Jellyfish. They are among the most venomous animals on planet. But its not just this title that makes them dangerous. They are hard to spot and they are aggressive as well. A death by Box Jellyfish is described as stung by thousand scorpions with simultaneous electrocution. Many scientists even claimed it to be the most painful death in the world.
2. African Lion
Most Dangerous Animals
African Lion are considered to be more power predators than tigers. Although they like to spend most of their day sleeping and let the lioness do all the hunting but once provoked they can tear apart any enemy.
1. Mosquitos
Most Dangerous Animals
Most of you might feel disappointed by the number one spot. But Mosquitos are actually the most dangerous animal on our planet. They are the major carriers of diseases and it is because of them that most disease get viral. It is impossible to tell the number of human deaths caused by mosquitos but they surely have claimed most human lives as compared to any other animal in the world. This is why they are the deadliest animals on the planet.

The danger parameter on this list is kept according to human point of view. But if we actually make a global list of deadliest animals than we human beings are surely the most dangerous animals. All animals listed above are deadly but there is no single animal in the world that we haven’t killed (including these dangerous animals). We humans are murder machine who in fact kill our own brothers and sisters. They above animals attack when threatened or in rare cases Hungry, but we kill each other for no reason at all. It is because of us that there is no single day passes on earth that is totally peaceful.

Who do you think is the most dangerous animals of all time and why?


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