Top 25 Most Dangerous Animals in The World (2017)

16. Deathstalker Scorpion
Most Dangerous Animals
You can imagine the fear of this creature from the fact that it is named DeathStalker. More than 75% deaths by scorpion in the world are caused by this little yellow colored dude. They are mostly found in North Africa and Central Asia. Their victims die of a painful death.
15. Hippopotamus
Most Dangerous Animals
Dare you make fun of these huge creatures and you will witness an enraged animal that can destroy even a truck with ease. Hippos weight up to 1.5 tonnes and they are Herbivorous. However they have very moody behaviour and they can attack you even if you were just minding your own business and passing by.
14. Cape buffalo
Most Dangerous Animals
Most people don’t get scared of the Cape buffalo’s because of two things. First they are buffalos, which most people of Asian and African countries often see them in neighbourhood. Secondly they are herbivorous. But Cape buffalo deserve respect because they can kill anyone with their horns and brute force. In fact they account to most human deaths by animals in Africa.
13. Blue Ringed Octopus
Most Dangerous Animals
The victims of Blue Ringed octopus dies a very horrible and painful death. Blue ringed octopus is merely 20 cm long (size of hockey ball) but is so dangerous that it literally should be painted in danger sign by Mother Nature. But instead Nature decided to make them beautiful and attractive. A Bite of Blue Ringed Octopus paralyses the body of victim. However the sadder part is that the victim is well aware of its surroundings but he/shecan is not able to move its body parts. In fact in few minutes the victim will not even be able to breath due to paralyses.
12. Poison Dart Frog
Most Dangerous Animals
Poison Dart Frog is available in several beautiful colours but no matter how appealing they look DO NOT TOUCH THEM. Poison Dart flog have a poisonous skin and just a mere touch can inject the venom in you. The venom of this frog has Batrachotoxin whose one drop can kill 10 human beings.
11. Polar Bear
Most Dangerous Animals
Polar Bear are Apex predators. Even though they look cute and cuddly to many people but they are very aggressive in nature. These beautiful creatures are among the deadliest animals on planet. They are confined only to the North pole but still they are known for killing human who came close enough.
10. Saltwater Crocodile
Most Dangerous Animals
The T-rex may have long gone from the earth but if you want to witness the pain of T-Rex bite then you should see a saltwater crocodile hunting its prey. They have such powerful teeth that they can pierce through a solid steel so easily as if it was piece of paper. Added to this sheer power and pressure is their aggressive nature. They get enraged of anything and can attack without any prior indication. Also they love to eat sharks and cape buffalos.
9. Cone Snail
Most Dangerous Animals
Cone Snails have more than 600 sub species with different level of venom in them. The most dangerous of them is Conus Geographus which is infamously called as Cigarette Snail. This is because, once bit, the victim will have only enough time to smoke a cigarette. They are dangerous because they are found on shallow shore and looks very attractive due to their colourful shell.


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