50 Amazing Lion Tattoos Designs for Men and Women (2017)

31. If you like the native Indian chief crown with the lion tattoo then make sure the lion is bigger than the crown itself.
Lion Tattoos
32. Pick for a clear lion tattoo design otherwise people might confuse it with a bear tattoo or a wolf tattoo.
Lion Tattoos
33. This lion tattoo on the shoulder of this man is probably the best lion tattoo with crown I have ever seen.
Lion Tattoos
34. Only a clever and experienced tattoo artist can make a lion tattoo with just outlines.
Lion Tattoos
35. If you want a small size lion tattoo then have it on fingers or knuckles because they will look majestic.
Lion Tattoos
36. Another lion tattoo design inspired from the house sigil of House Lannister. You can make it even more beautiful by adding red color to it cleverly.
Lion Tattoos
37. I liked the creativity of this lion tattoo where the tattoo artist cleverly added the galaxy colors to the face of this lion tattoo.
Lion Tattoos
38. The detailing of this lion tattoo design with crown make it looks like a realistic tattoo.
Lion Tattoos
39. This lioness tattoo looks more like a bear cub than a lioness. It could be improved into a better design.
Lion Tattoos
40. This lion tattoo design will perfectly suit those who have seen a lot in their life. The expression of this lion says it all.
Lion Tattoos


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