20 Laziest Dog Breeds Suitable for Busy Lifestyle (2017)

10. Newfoundland
Laziest Dog Breeds
Newfoundland Giant size might scare little kids and children but these dogs have a very friendly nature. Newfoundland has hairy body and they need a moderate grooming care. However these giants are lazy in nature and make good companion for lazy owners.
9. Clumber Spaniel
Laziest Dog Breeds
Clumber spaniel too falls on the lazy and calm spectrum of the dog temper. They are medium sized dog breeds and have a very gentle and friendly nature. Clumber Spaniel have lazy appearance as well, his eyes are sleepy all the time.
8. Pekingese
Laziest Dog Breeds
If you think Pekingese are cute little toy dogs who makes best couch buddy then this is because they were trained to be so. They are ancient Chinese dog breeds and they have decent lifespan of 12 to 15 years.
7. English Mastiff
Laziest Dog Breeds
English Mastiffs are large dog breeds that love to be lazy. They make very good house dogs as they are alert for intruders and strangers. Also English Mastiffs need very less grooming.
6. Saint Bernard
Laziest Dog Breeds
Saint Bernard is among the largest dog breeds. Despite their freaky appearance Saint Bernard are very friendly and calm. They cannot do well in warm weather due to their thick fur. However, Even if it is cold weather, Saint Bernard loves to sit on floor all day.
5. Chihuahua
Laziest Dog Breeds
The smallest dog breed in the world is also among the laziest dog breeds. Like many other lazy dog breeds, Chihuahua too was bred in China. They like to spend their time inside the house.
4. Bullmastiff
Laziest Dog Breeds
Among the large Dog breeds, Bullmastiff is pretty lazy as well. Their large size and tough looks might make you think that they are active dog breeds but in reality Bullmastiff needs little exercise and spend most of its time laying on floor. They are low maintenance dogs, need less grooming and can be trained easily.
3. French Bulldog
Laziest Dog Breeds
French Bulldogs may not beat up their English cousins in laziness but they still are pretty much lazy dogs who can sit with you on couch for most of the day. They have a lifespan of 10 to 12 years and they are more active than English bulldogs.
2. Pug
Laziest Dog Breeds
Pugs are among the most popular dog breeds globally. They cannot handle hot temperatures and they have a breathing problem. This is why the pug owners are advised for minimum exercise. They make best indoor dog breeds.
1. English Bulldog
Laziest Dog Breeds
English bulldogs are very calm and quiet dog breeds. This medium sized breed has life span of 8 to 10 years. English bulldogs need little to no grooming and that is why they are best option among low maintenance dog breeds.

Do you own any of the above mentioned dog breeds? Which dog breed is your favorite and why?


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