Top 50 Alleged Illuminati Members (2017)

There are many conspiracy theories on the history and existence of illuminati. From time to time many celebrities are blamed to be illuminati members.

Oh Boy, This is surely going to be a controversial post. Illuminati is the favourite topic of conspiracy theorists. Even though Illuminati is the most popular secret society in world but still for those who don’t know, Illuminati is a secret society which is blamed by conspiracy theorists for controlling the world’s resources and powers. Even though world famous leaders and celebrities deny its existence and even joke about it but still no one believe on it.

If you google about the history of illuminati then you will get to know that this secret society was founded by German Philosopher Adam Weishaupt in 1776. It was originally called as the Order of Illuminati. This secret society was founded with a positive aim of helping people and stabilizing state power. However Bavarian King Charles Theodore along with Roman Catholic Church supressed the illuminati and it started operating in secret. Even though history claims that Illuminati ended just after 12 years but people consider that such secret society still exist and is actually controlling world affairs.

Illuminati had a particular set of rules and symbols. There are several ‘leaked’ symbols of illuminati that are decoded by interested people worldwide. The most famous illuminate symbol is the eye in the triangle. It symbolizes that the illuminate order is always watching the society. Long before the internet, a theory was put forward that illuminate actually have members who are high ranking officials and government agents. Not only this but illuminati also has a keen interest in entertainment sector and many actors and singers are supported by illuminati. This theory was further proved when several celebrities gave cryptic messages in interviews and posed in weird gestures in public. Most celebrities also played with the public and posed in the ‘eye in triangle’ pose.

There may or may not be a secret society called Illuminati; that is powerful enough to stage popular global events and is keeping world power in hands. But if there is one such society then surely there will be powerful people and celebrities as its members. By decoding and decrypting various gestures and messages of celebrities we came up with this list of alleged Illuminati members. Conspiracy theorists are more than welcome to share their views on this list. So here are 50 alleged illuminati members:

Illuminati Members

50. Pharrell Williams
Illuminati Members
49. LeBron James
Illuminati Members
48. Ben Bernanke
Illuminati Members
47. Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh
Illuminati Members
46. Al Gore
Illuminati Members
46. Bono
Illuminati Members
44. Warren Buffett
Illuminati Members
43. Azealia Banks
Illuminati Members
42. Whitney Houston
Illuminati Members
41. Wiz Khalifa
Illuminati Members

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