10 Most Haunted Objects In The World (2017)

Many People claim to own possessed objects and try to sell them online. But they are not actually haunted objects at all. Here we list 10 most haunted objects in the world.

Internet is a Weird Scary Place. You can easily find haunted items for sale on sites like eBay. Although most of them are fake but there are very few genuinely scary haunted objects that are globally banned. You should never ever buy such haunted objects. Here we have compiled a list of 10 most haunted objects in the world that you should stay away from:

Haunted Objects

10. Anna Baker’s Haunted Wedding Dress:
Haunted Objects
Anna Baker’s wedding dress has a rather sad story than a scary one. Anna baker was daughter of rich iron magnate Ellis Baker. She fell in love with an iron worker at his father’s factory. She dreamt of marrying her love and even bought a wedding dress for the day. However when his father found out about the relation he soon banished the young man from the town and put away his own daughter in a room. Anna never married and died in 1914. Baker’s mansion was turned into Baker Museum in 1970s. When Anna’s wedding dress was hanged into a glass cage into her room, strange things started happening. Anna’s wedding dress was seen dancing on its own by the people. Although there is no harm reported by the dress but people still get scared when the see the dress moving on its own.
9. The Anguished Man:
Haunted Objects
The Anguished Man is the name given to a scary painting that is proudly owned by Sean Robinson of England. Although many claim that the haunting stories around the painting are back but Sean’s claim differ otherwise. He even uploaded a on youtube that shows how doors are shutting down and weird noises can be heard. Storied could be fake and even video could be fake but the backstory that Sean told surely sounds believable and gives chill. According to Sean, he was a little kid when he found the painting in the basement of his grandmother’s house. Sean would spend hours watching at it and soon became obsessed for it. When his grandmother died she left the painting for Sean. Sean, who was married by the time, brought the painting back to his home. After much argument with his wife, he was allowed to hang the painting in one of the room. The couple went on to notice strange paranormal activities in the house. They even set up a camera and recorded an eight hour video. They shared few clippings from it on Youtube. After much investigation Sean found out that the painting was painted by an artist right before his suicide. If that was not enough, the artist mixed his own blood in the paint while painting the Anguished man. Although replicas of painting are available for sale on eBay but Sean has claimed that he will never give away the original painting as it is too spooky and might result in unfortunate events.
8. The Busby Stoop Chair:
Haunted Objects
This Haunted chair is named after Thomas Busby who ate his last meal on it. Thomas busby was a murderer who killed his own father in law in 1702. The Legend goes that Thomas Busby was trailed and found guilty. As per his last wish, Thomas was taken away to the nearest pub where he had his last meal. As soon as he finished, he stood up and said ‘May Sudden Death come to anyone who dare sit on the chair’. At that time it was taken as a joke, but you cannot take the last words of a dying man as Joke. The chair soon became a legend in the pub where people would often dare each other to sit on it. However the fun took a serious turn when chair occupants would die in horrible circumstances. The chair claimed lives of two soldiers who sat on it accidently in 1967. The chair was finally donated to the Thrisk museum where it is hanged 5 feet above the ground so that no one accidentally occupy it.
7. The Women from Lemb Statue:
Haunted Objects
This one is a strange haunted artifact. There is a popular story behind The Women from Lemb Statue. This strange looking statue was recovered in 1878 and it was assumed to be carved in 3500 BC. No one knew what this weird looking statue was but most considered it to be a statue of ancient Goddess. However it was the fore coming events that coined the nickname ‘Goddess of Death’ to the statue. The statue was first possessed by Lord Elphont. He and his 6 family members died within 6 years of the possession. The surviving members were suggested that the statue might have something to do with this. Feared of it the statue was put on sale and was bought by Ivor Manucci. The curse of statue passed on too and within 4 years Ivor and his whole family died mysterious death. The statue landed into the hands of Lord Thompson-Noel who along with his family became the prey of death in 4 years. Alan Biverbrook was the next possessor but sadly the death streak of statue continued. He and 3 of his family members died soon after. The statue was donated to Royal Scottish Museum in Edinburgh. The man who handled the statue in the museum too died a mysterious death within a year. The statue is available on display in the museum.
6. The Myrtles Plantation Mirror:
Haunted Objects
Paranormal activities are so common at Myrtles Plantation that you might get bored with it. Myrtles plantation is the most famous haunted house in America and it has inspired many horror movies and tv series. Although there are many spooky haunted items in the plantation but the scariest of them all is Myrtles plantation mirror. People have reported that they see faces staring at them from inside the mirror. There were also instances when house cleaners found hand prints on the mirror. The mirror is said to be haunted by Sara Woodruff and her two kids. According to a popular legend, Sara died with her two children. As the mirrors were not covered so the spirit of Sara and her two kids found new home in the dimension of mirror. The popular Hollywood film Mirrors is said to be inspired from this story.
5. The Dibbuk Box:
Haunted Objects
The Dibbuk Box inspired the horror film The Possession in 2012. Dibbuk box is popular in Jewish tradition where it is believed to contain an evil spirit. Although it is a wine cabinet but the horrific legends surrounding it has made it a scary haunted object. One such popular case was of a man who tried to sell the Dybbuk box online on eBay. According to his description – He bought the box from an auction in Portland. It belonged to a 103 year old Jewish woman who died recently. She was survivor of Nazi Holocaust. When she immigrated to US she brought the box with him. The man inspired from the backstory bought the box and later gifted it to her mother. Her mother died in hospital with her last words being ‘HATEGIFT’. After this the man unsuccessfully tried to gift the box to others. He stated that the box has claimed several lives and he want to get rid of it.
4. Crying Boy paintings:
Haunted Objects
Crying Boy Paintings got widespread popularity due their regular featuring English newspaper The Sun. The Crying Boy paintings are 65 different paintings (of tearful boys) painted by Italian painter Bruno Amadio. No one knows why Bruno painted them but they became a legend in 1980s. There was a report in The Sun (in 1985) where it claimed that among many burned houses in recent past, there was an unscratched painting of Crying Boy. The painting was not damaged by the fire and it was weird. This legend continued for few more months until many people accepted that the paintings are actually haunted.
3. The Hands Resist Him:
Haunted Objects
This painting may or may not be haunted but it sure is scary. The Hands resist him is the name given to a popular painting painted by Bill Stoneham in 1972. The painting shows a young boy standing near a window. Along with him is standing a life size doll. Just behind the window are many hands that seem to be calling the boy. Bill stated that the painting was inspired from his own dreams when he was five years old. The legend of the haunted painting started when owner claimed that the boy and the doll in the painting would move in the painting itself. Many a times they would disappear from the painting itself. Some even went on to claim that they would enter the room where the painting was hung and would stare endlessly to the person sleeping in the room. Some claimed that the hands in the painting would disappear and people would feel that as if they are going to grab them. Not just this but many online viewers to claim that the painting is creepy and hard to look at.
2. Robert the Doll:
Haunted Objects
It was 1896. The rich Otto family in Florida were celebrating the birthday of their child Robert who turned four that year. Robert was very enthusiastic kid who fascinated dolls. Little did he know that he would be gifted a doll with spell casted on it by their servant. Robert instantly became attracted to his new gift and accepted it with love. He named the doll Robert too. The family didn’t take a notice of it until many other servants and guests claimed that they saw young Robert talking to the doll while sitting in a dark room. He would often giggle and on some rare occurrences he was replied to be a deep baritone voice. Robert’s family became more concerned when they saw that little Robert’s room was often messed up and glass objects were shattered. Though Robert the boy would often claim that Robert the Doll did it but the family never believed him. After many suggestions the doll was kept in attic. However, neighbours would often claim that they saw the doll moving from one window to another in the dark. The story became a legend when the house was bought by a new family in 1976. The little daughter of the family found the doll in the attic and screamed loudly. She claimed that the doll talked to her and said that it will kill her. Since then the doll is placed in the Florida museum where there Is warning that states that viewers have to ask for permission (from the doll) for photograph. There are also letters attached to a glass window that belonged to people who didn’t asked for permission and later wrote apologetic letter while asking to be freed from the curse.
1. Annabelle the Doll:
Haunted Objects
Thanks to Hollywood movie The Conjuring that Annabelle became a globally popular legend. There are two movies that tell the haunting of Annabelle the doll. Annabelle was gifted by a mother to her college going daughter in 1970. She took it with her in the hostel room. She and her roommate liked the doll and kept it near their bed. Things got suspicious when they would often found the doll to be in other room or in different corners of the same room. They would even find papers with childish writings. The two girls were comforted by a psychic who claimed that the doll belongs to the spirit of a little girl named Annabelle who died in fire. The girls willingly kept the doll with themselves but this turned out to be a wrong decision. Believe it or not but one of the male friend of the girls was attacked by the doll to the point that it left scratch marks on his chest and thighs. It was in late 1970s when the girls contacted Ed and Lorraine (famous paranormal investigators) who claimed that the doll is actually haunted by a demon. The doll currently resides in Occult Museum where it is enclosed in a glass cage. There is a warning sign on it that says ‘DO NOT OPEN’.

Have you ever been haunted by any evil spirit or object? Share your haunting story in the comment section below.


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