Top 50 Greatest Inventors (2017)

Here are 50 greatest inventors of all times who changed the course of history.Thanks to these greatest inventors and their inventions that our life has become so smooth.

The one most important character trait that Human beings have is Curiosity. Curiosity leads to reasoning which leads to innovation and that result in invention – Invention that may or may not change the whole world. Curiosity is what makes us ahead of animals on this planet. We were blessed by many innovative and curious people from time to time. The first and foremost invention that is considered remarkable in human history is fire and then came the wheel and after that the big industrial revolution.

We came a long way and thanks to the great inventors who made our day to day life easy and many of impossible dreams possible. The world would have never changed and we might have been in the iron-age if we were not blessed by these greatest inventors ever. There are many things that we use day to day (Wheel,TV and even Internet) and take them for granted but there was a time when people just only dreamed of using such things. This list celebrates the courage, determination and innovation of those creative minds that made our life easy and changed the world forever. We can never make list of all the greatest inventors of all time on one page. This is because many of the inventions had unknown inventors such as fire and wheel. But what we can do is pick out the most important and most innovative inventors of all time.

Before you read any further we would like to tell you that we have placed Thomas Edison above Nicola Tesla. Yes, Tesla was a better scientist and inventor than Thomas Edison but the list is ranked on the basis of registered patents and Good Man Tesla didn’t focus on this part.

So here is the list of 50 greatest inventors ever:

Greatest Inventors Of All times

50. Adolf Gaston Eugen Fick (Contact Lens)
Greatest Inventors
49. Gordon Gould (Laser)
Greatest Inventors
48. James Gosling (Java)
Greatest Inventors
47. Ted Hoff (Microproccessor)
Greatest Inventors
46. Laszlo Biro (Ballpen)
Greatest Inventors
45. Oleg Losev (LED)
Greatest Inventors
44. Samuel Colt (Revolver)
Greatest Inventors
43. Brendan Eich (Java Script)
Greatest Inventors
42. Johann Gutenberg (Printing Press)
Greatest Inventors
41. John Ambrose Fleming (Vaccum Diode)
Greatest Inventors


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