13 Famous Numbers That You MUST Know About (2017)

There are many famous numbers according to science, history, maths, astrology and religion. These are the 13 most famous numbers that you are also used in songs, sports and movies.

It is often said that Mathematics is the language of the universe. It doesn’t matter if you like maths or not but it surely loves you cause it is always near you. Every thing that is happening in the world and even in the whole universe is going on according to the laws of universe. Whether you like it or not but you use mathematics in your day to day life. Not just human beings but even insects and animals too use mathematics. Have you ever seen how perfectly a spider designs its web or bees make their hexagonal beehives?

Most Famous Numbers

In short Mathematics has huge impact on our day to day life but have you ever wondered that out of the infinity numbers given in maths, some numbers hold special place and have in fact made our lives much easier. Here are 13 most famous numbers that you should know about:

Famous Number – 666

Famous Numbers
This post was going to be all about 12 famous numbers but then i thought why not add an unlucky 13? And what would be more unlucky number than 666? The 666 is considered as the number of beast by many religion specially in Christianity. 6 represents the incompleteness in many religions as it is 1 part away from the lucky number 7. Interestingly in Mathematics 6 is the first PERFECT number. However according to religions the first 6 in 666 represents the false religion that man follow unknowingly under Satan’s lead. The Second 6 represent the false governments in the world. The last 6 represent the selfish economic system designed by man kind. So 666 are impurities that are keeping man away from Almighty God.

Famous Number – 7

Famous Numbers
Who is luckiest of them all? Seven. 7 holds a very special place in religion as well as in mathematics. 7 holds a very special place in religion as well as in mathematics. There are 7 days in a week, 7 continents on earth, 7 colors in rainbow, 7 classical planets, 7 wonders of world, 7 Sages in Hinduism, 7 Deadly Sins, 7 Heavens and Do you Remember 007? I guess 7 is the perfect number where facts meet fiction.

Famous Number – 10

Famous Numbers
Internet needs no introduction to this number. Probably this is the most searched and most loved number on internet. Top 10 Ways to lose fat, 10 Places to see before You die, 10 things to include in your bucket list and so on. Even this website is all about Top 10 Lists. Surely 10 is very important number for us bloggers. Oh and Also it is the base of our metric system. Interesting.

Famous Number – √–1 (Root of -1) (Imaginary Number i)

Famous Numbers
Can you believe it that mathematics was confined to just real numbers at one time and it was way easy back then to solve mathematical problems. But then was introduced the imaginary number iota (i) and our Mathematics system was pushed from Real Numbers to Complex Numbers. Ever Since then every kid in this world started hating maths.

I am Just Kidding. i Holds a very important place in mathematics as it introduced the complex number. It is denoted as root of -1 and is called imaginary number because real numbers can not have negative square.Imaginary number i is important because it gives at least one root for every non constant polynomial.

Famous Number – 0.5772156649 (Euler Constant)

Famous Numbers
Euler–Mascheroni constant or more popularly known as Euler constant holds a very important place in arithmetic and number theory. If you are an aspiring engineer then this number will surely be a part of your life.

Famous Number – 2.718 (Euler Number)

Famous Numbers
You need not to remember this number. Because it is a Transcendental number which means that its a non-repeating never ending number. It was given by Swiss Mathematician Leonhard Euler. Euler number is a limiting number that found wide application in compound interests and thus is widely used in modern economics.

Famous Number – 6.0221417930 X 10 (raise to power 23) (AVOGADRO’s CONSTANT)

Famous Numbers
Avogadro’s constant hold a special place in Chemistry. It was named after Amedeo Avogadro. It defines the number of atoms or molecules present in one mole of substance. So generally it says that 1 gram of Hydrogen element with atomic mass 1 will have 6.02 x 10 (raise to power 23) atoms in it. Avogadro Constant is a very big number.

Famous Number – 6.626 x 10 (raise to power -34) Joule per second (PLANCK’S CONSTANT)

Famous Numbers
To call a number the fundamental parameter of our universe tells us just how important the number is. Plank’s constant was given by German physicist Max Planck who in early 1900s proposed that scientists must focus on subatomic levels. Planck said that energy is not continuous but rather in the form of small packets called photons. Planck’s constant thus gave relation between particle’s frequency with total energy. Event though planck’s constant is very small but it only tells the measure of energy of one photon and consider the energy of one mole (AVOGADRO CONSTANT) of such photons. Plank’s constant varies as it depends on the units it is being measured in (such as joules, electron volts, second, minute, hour, year) etc. Plank constant revolutionized our day to day lives as it helped in manufacturing of integrated circuits and micro chips. Not only this but it also suggested about the basic fundamental nature of our universe.

Famous Number – 299792458 m/s (Speed of Light)

Famous Numbers
Even though Planck’s constant is considered as a much important number than speed of light by many scientists but in popular belief Speed of light is way more famous. Thanks to Einstein’s famous formula of E=mc2 and thanks to Humanity’s continuous efforts in space exploration that this number is one of the most popular number on globe. Why this number is important? Because it exactly tells the amount of distance covered by light in vacuum space in one second. Speed of light is the basis for the term light year. One light year is the amount of distance traveled by light in one year. Light year is popularly used in astrophysics and is used to tell the distance between various stars and galaxies. Also Speed of light is considered to be the fastest speed and sadly we are no where near in achieving this speed. So this is a major hurdle in our space exploration projects.

Famous Number – 6.674 x 10 (raise to power -11) (GRAVITATIONAL CONSTANT)

Famous Numbers
The gravitational constant was given by Sir Isaac Newton it states that the attractive force between two objects is equal to the product of their masses and inversely proportional the the distance between them. Gravitational force is considered to be the weakest force in nature and therefore it is hard to calculate the exact quantity if G. Gravitational constant is important because it helped in increasing our basic knowledge about gravity and also helped in launching the first rocket in space.

Famous Number – 3.14 (Pi)

Famous Numbers
This number is probably the most famous irrational number of all time. It is transcendental number which means the digits after decimal will never end and will never form a pattern. The number pi was discovered in ancient times when the impossible problem of squaring a circle was considered as the toughest problem in geometry. It turned out to be an impossible problem and the number pi was discovered with values up to 5 places.There has been movies on this number and people celebrate Pi day on 14th march of each year (3.14) and there are competitions to remember the pi numbers to maximum digits with exact precision. Pi has been used extensively in solving many geometrical and architectural problems and has been part of our lives since the times of pyramids.

Famous Number – 1

Famous Numbers
Probably the most fascinating number of all time. Every person in this world is in number game and wants to be number one of his her profession. One is the number from where the counting starts and any number multiplied by 1 is that number. Every thing in nature starts from one. Many ancient philosophers considered 1 to be the number of god and the ultimate reality. For me Number is important because i consider God is ONE. There are so many religions on earth but ultimately all point to just one god.

Famous Number – 0

Famous Numbers
The only number that is famous and yet doubted over its presence is zero. Zero is said to be introduced by Indian Mathematicians Aryabhatta in 5th century AD when there was no mathematical way to represent emptiness or nothing. But everyone wondered that how nothing can be something. It was Aryabhatta who introduced zero and paved way for negative integers and then irrational numbers. In mathematics Zero is the number that makes the line between positive and negative numbers. In philosophy zero is considered to be the number of ultimate end. It is said that everything started from 1 and will end at 0.

So this was our list of famous numbers. But the basis of this post was to encourage our young readers to always have interests in maths. I would suggest you to love maths. You may never be able to find X but surely you will develop a habit of solving real life problems due to your ability in solving mathematics problems.


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