Top 52 Carnivorous Plants On Sale (2017)

If you are looking for good carnivorous plants available for sale then you have come at right place.

When Charles Darwin was working on his theory of evolution on the Galapagos Islands he noticed a very strange type of plant that was luring insects and then devouring them to gain nutrients. He observed this for several days and then came up with the revolutionary theory of Insectivorous plants. His theory stated that there are many plant types that focus on eating insects and arthropods to complete their nutrients need. This led to a global research and several other plants were found who were later called carnivorous plants.

These days carnivorous plants are popular home items and available for sale on various websites and flower stores. These carnivorous plants have 5 different mechanisms of killing their prey. These five mechanisms are Bladder traps, Snap traps, Pitfall traps, Flypaper traps and Lobster traps. As many as 538 different carnivorous plants species have been found. These carnivorous plants can live without insects too but will not grow and evolve. Some recent studies have showed that Carnivorous plants have medicinal use as well. However as of present they are popular among home decorative items. They cleanse the house as they kill insects and harmful bacteria.

Here we have listed 52 best carnivorous plants for home decorations:

Carnivorous Plants On Sale

52. Nepenthes jamban
Carnivorous Plants
51. Nepenthes maxima
Carnivorous Plants
50. Drosera capillaris
Carnivorous Plants
49. Nepenthes sanguinea
Carnivorous Plants
48. Sarracenia minor
Carnivorous Plants
47. Pinguicula moranensis
Carnivorous Plants
46. Drosera regia
Carnivorous Plants
45. Nepenthes ampullaria
Carnivorous Plants
44. Nepenthes lowii
Carnivorous Plants
43. Nepenthes mirabilis
Carnivorous Plants
42. Drosera intermedia
Carnivorous Plants
41. Heliamphora chimantensis
Carnivorous Plants

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