Top 50 Best Superheroes Ever (2017)

This is not just another list of best superheroes ever. We actually focused on lot of factors while choosing the best superheroes of all time.

Who is the greatest superhero of all? Who is the most famous superhero of all time? Who is the most powerful marvel character? Who will survive an inter galaxy battle of superheroes? Who can defeat every other superhero in the world? I guess the answer to all question is SUPERMAN. But when we talk about the best superheroes of all time, we have to stop and think.

The best superheroes are not just those who have amazing superpowers, but those who were popular among audience and had a huge impact on pop culture. There are many best superheroes list online yet no one is able to call any one superhero as the greatest superhero ever. One thing that we found common among all lists was the exclusion of female superheroes. So we decided to make our own list of best superheroes ever. We tried to be as diverse and as unbiased as possible. We not just focused on marvel superheroes and DC superheroes but also superheroes of Movies, TV and other comic book publications.

Here we have chosen 50 best superheroes:

Best Superheroes All Time

50. The Falcon
Best Superheroes
Powers and Abilities: Falcon have mechanical wings. He is telepathically connected with his bird RedWing. However it was later revealed that Falcon can connect with any bird and can see what the bird sees. This makes him quiet powerful.
Why is he on the List: Falcon is the first African American superhero. He became Captain America and Leader of Avengers after Steve Rogers Retired. He is a trust worthy person and fan favorite side kick of captain America. Anthony Mackie’s Portrayal of Falcon in Captain America Movies has made him more popular.
49. Supergirl
Best Superheroes
Powers and Abilities: She is basically the female Version of Super man so she have all the powers that superman possesses under a Yellow sun.
Why is She on the list: Because she is one of the few female superheroes that crossed all the barriers and became a fan favorite.
48. Nightcrawler
Best Superheroes
Powers and Abilities: Nightcrawler can teleport himself and others near him from one place to another.
Why is he on the list: Despite being an ugly mutant (he looks like an indigo colored Monkey), Nightcrawler struck chord with audience due to innocent and pure heart. He is a religious person and has often kept Humanity Above all.
47. Ghost Rider
Best Superheroes
Powers and Abilities: Ghost Rider is a supernatural being who ride on a motorcycle that has supernatural powers. He is unstoppable and invincible. His bike can ride on water, vertical and can travel large distances in a short period of time.
Why is he on the list: Johnny Blaze’s Ghost Rider presented the biker culture of America. The Ghost Rider comic line is mix up of supernatural elements and antihero elements. This made him immensely popular.
46. Hawkman
Best Superheroes
Powers and Abilities: Hawkman is Reincarnation of Prince Khufu (The Egyptian Prince who Built great Pyramid was also named Khufu). He wears apparel made of fictional Nth Metal that allows him to fly. He also have large wings attached to his body and he uses Archaic weapon in fight.
Why is he on the list: Hawkman had a mysterious story line that intimidated the readers and he soon became popular.
45. Beast
Best Superheroes
Powers and Abilities: Professor Hank Mcoy is a brilliant biochemist and is well educated, well behaving person. However in his Beast Mutant transformation, He become a super powerful mutant with devilish looks. He gain super senses, super strength and basically all the physical traits of a great ape and a big cat.
Why is he on the list: Professor Hank provided a stability to the core X-Men group. He was like side kick of Professor X . His knowledge about so vast variety of topics made him even more appealing and soon he was a fan favorite.
44. Martian Manhunter
Best Superheroes
Powers and Abilities: Martian Manhunter has super strength, can telepath, regenerates, high stamina and speed and also can shape shift. Superman once called him the most powerful person he knows.
Why is he on the List: He was the core member of Justice League. With Batman and Superman dominating the comics, Martian Manhanter was easy target for writers to play with and luckily he turned out to be very lovable.
43. Blade
Best Superheroes
Power and Abilities: Super strength, Can heal and Heightened Senses. Also he is good in martial arts.
Why is he on the list: Well who wont love a Vampire fighting African American Superhero?
42. The Atom
Best Superheroes
Powers and Abilities: He can shrink down to sub atomic size while retaining his normal physical powers. He is the Ant-Man of DC Comics.
Why is he on the List: The atom was introduced in the wake of sub-atomic theories and he gained popularity due to his intriguing story line.
41. Luke Cage
Best Superheroes
Powers and Abilities: Due to Cellular Regeneration, Luke cage have very dense skin making him immune to any cut or any other physical danger. Also he has superhuman strength.
Why is he on the list: Because he proved himself to be a better superhero than others in the Marvel comics and was soon included into the Avengers.

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